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An IP address is a unique numerical identifier that identifies the host (or network interface). It contains a unique and readily intelligible address number, providing the location of the host in the connected network. The sites and services you access can see this address, as can your ISP and other intermediaries. They can use this information to identify you, and to find out where you are.

When you use Psiphon, we hide your IP address as soon as you connect. The IP address you see on this page is the address that web sites will see you coming from. It will look to them as though you are browsing the Internet from somewhere else, giving you a basic level of privacy.

This page shows you where web sites will think you are browsing from.

Psiphon also encrypts all of your traffic, keeping it away from your ISP and other networks. This stops them from being able to block the path from your device to the servers you are accessing, and prevents them from being able to see what you are sending and receiving.